Top Oral Hygiene Aids for Braces Patients

Dr. Kurt Kavanaugh: Finding Your Perfect Braces in Kansas City

Kavanaugh Orthodontics has one mission to help patients restore their smiles and lead happy productive lives. More importantly, Dr. Kavanaugh specializes in adult orthodontics, as well as helping young children understand the ins and outs regarding their oral health. However, once a patient has braces installed, how do they navigate the tricky process of adequately cleaning and restoring the integrity of their teeth? Here’s what Dr. Kavanaugh recommends for his patients.

A Basic Toothbrush and Paste

With the plethora of tools and gadgets designed to help clean your teeth while wearing braces, a toothbrush and paste is the go-to standard recommended by orthodontists. The only difference between brushing with braces versus without braces is the amount of pressure used on each area. Patients with braces should use gentle to moderate pressure on each tooth, ensuring that food, buildup, and tartar are removed from the surface of the gums, underlying tooth, and brace material.

Waterpik Flossing

Flossing is a chore that many of us claim we love, but we secretly loathe the process. When we examine our unfounded hatred for flossing, a common thread arises — inconvenience. When we compound the inconvenient nature of flossing with braces, many patients skip the process of flossing between their teeth entirely. Enter the Waterpik.

Waterpik devices make flossing easy and exciting, cleaning between each tooth and crevice with laser-like precision. Moreover, some research data suggests that using a Waterpik instead of traditional string floss is more effective at removing buildup and leftover food particles after a meal.

Interdental Brushes

Patients who visit Dr. Kavanaugh are surprised to know that there’s an alternative method of brushing away buildup between each tooth that doesn’t require twisting and contorting their fingers: interdental brushing. Interdental brushes are small, easy-to-use devices that fit snugly between each tooth. Unlike floss or Waterpik tools, interdental brushes use bristles to gently remove the day’s food stuck between each tooth and brace line. If you’re looking for a way of optimizing your cleaning routine while using braces, interdental brushes are essential.

Why Dr. Kavanaugh?

If you’re seeking braces in Kansas City, there’s no better orthodontist than Kurt Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh has a reputation for perfection, giving each patient unique treatment options and strategies to improve their lives. More importantly, his friendly and knowledgeable staff work with new and existing patients before heading into the office for a consultation. Whether you’re in the Kansas City area or traveling from afar, Dr. Kurt Kavanaugh is who you need in your corner.


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