Braces in Kansas City

Getting your braces off is a really big deal, almost as much as getting them on in the first place! At Kurt Kavanaugh Ortho, we know how exciting it is for our patients with braces in Kansas City, MO, to finally see their brand new, beautiful smile. All the hard work, patience, and good oral habits have finally paid off, and the results are astounding, but it’s not quite over yet. Here’s what you can expect when your braces come off, along with some tips for making your new smile last a lifetime.

Getting metal braces off is pretty straightforward. The entire process will only take around 30 to 40 minutes. Here are the steps for braces removal:

  • The orthodontist will check the progress of your bite one last time to make sure the braces are ready to come off.
  • A special braces-removing tool, kind of like pliers, will be used to detach the bracket from each tooth, leaving the adhesive behind.
  • The adhesive is then gently polished off of the surface of each tooth with a drill, dental scraper, or sanding appliance.
  • The orthodontist will give the teeth a final cleaning and polish to ensure that the enamel of each tooth is smooth and flawless.

Even if the tools sound a little intimidating, the braces removal process is very easy and painless. At most your teeth will be a little sore, but this discomfort will be familiar to anyone who’s worn braces. Just think how exciting it will be to run your tongue across your brand new teeth! Sweet freedom!

Retainers and Retention

As soon as your braces are removed, your orthodontist will give you instructions to follow, to ensure that your teeth retain their new positions, even without braces to hold them in place. This is what retention means, and it is usually achieved with either a permanent or a removable retainer, which the patient will wear anywhere from several months to years. Wearing braces was a big investment of time and resources, and your new smile is unbeatable, so make sure it lasts! Teeth are capable of shifting back into their old positions after braces come off, but wearing your retainer prevents this.

Make Appointments with Your Orthodontist

At Kurt Kavanaugh Ortho we are committed to giving you the best results possible from your treatment and will be there every step of the way to ensure things go smoothly. After braces treatment, throughout the retention phase and beyond, it is important to check up with our team regularly so we can make sure your results are exactly what you hoped for, and to address any concerns you have about your new smile. If you’re ready to get started or continue with braces or any orthodontic treatment, request an appointment or contact us today!