Am I Too Old For Braces?

Are you ever too old for braces? Not if you’re local to Kansas City or Sedalia. If that’s you, you’re just down the road from a Kurt Kavanaugh Orthodontics office. Dr. Kurt Kavanaugh and the rest of our incredible team have put braces on smiles of all ages. 

Age Is Just a Number in Orthodontics

Think braces are just for young patients? Think again! Kurt Kavanaugh Orthodontics is busting this myth wide open. The truth is, when it comes to readjusting your smile, age is just a number. You might be surprised to learn that one in three orthodontic patients is now an adult, showcasing a significant shift in who is seeking orthodontic care.

Gone are the days when braces were reserved for the younger crowd. Today, orthodontic treatment is just as successful for adults as adolescents. Why? Because Dr. Kavanaugh knows that healthy, straight teeth are beneficial at any stage of life. Aesthetics are important. But your overall oral health, function, and self-confidence matter more.

Our Kurt Kavanaugh Orthodontics team doesn’t see age as a barrier. Instead, they focus on factors like dental health, the complexity of corrections needed, and overall treatment goals. With advancements in orthodontic technology and techniques, age has become a far less critical factor in determining the feasibility of treatment.

Have you been holding back on orthodontic treatment? Think you’ve missed the boat? It’s time to reconsider. Orthodontic treatment isn’t just possible whether you are in your 30s, 50s, or beyond. Rather, it has become increasingly common and highly effective. Embrace the opportunity for a brighter, better smile, no matter your age!

The Ideal Time for Assessment and Early Intervention

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, smiles don’t have expiration dates. No matter how old you are, early intervention is always best. But don’t let the word “early” make you feel like you’ve missed the bus. The opportunity to improve your smile has not passed you by. Orthodontic assessment in adulthood is equally essential. An evaluation from Dr. Kavanaugh will help you understand the status of your overall oral health. Plus, you’ll learn more about the best course of action for orthodontic care.

For adults considering braces, our initial free consultation can uncover underlying issues like bone density changes, gum health, and the wear and tear of teeth over time. Your consultation forms the foundation of a treatment plan that focuses on aesthetics and improving dental function and overall oral health.

Regardless of how many times you’ve been around the sun, an orthodontic evaluation can reveal various corrective options suited to adult lifestyles and needs. Embracing this step can lead to a more comfortable, compelling treatment journey, adapting to the unique demands of adult oral health. Remember, there is always time to assess your orthodontic needs and explore the path to a pristine smile.

Braces for Adults and Seniors

Gone are the days when braces were a hallmark of teenage years alone. Today, adults and seniors increasingly embrace the journey toward a straighter smile. Getting orthodontic treatment later entails more than aesthetics alone. Treatment improves oral health and function at any age.

In our experience, adults, including those aged 50 and over, turn to braces. Braces can correct misalignments, close gaps, and address bite issues. Many of our adult patients report issues that were overlooked earlier in life or have developed over time. 

The rise in adult orthodontics is also a testament to the advancements in orthodontic options. Today’s orthodontic appliances have become more appealing and accommodating for older individuals. Adults (like you) can undergo treatment without worrying about a ‘metal mouth’ look, with discreet choices like clear aligners and ceramic braces. 

Orthodontic treatment in later years might require a slightly different approach due to factors like bone density and pre-existing dental work. Still, these are challenges that our Kavanaugh Orthodontics team is proud to meet head-on. Are you a busy professional or a retiree? You can still invest in your smile, and dental health is always possible. Orthodontics for adults and seniors can bring a significant, positive change to your life.

Am I Too Old For Braces?

Pros and Cons of Different Orthodontic Treatments

All treatment options produce notable results. Each one also has its own pros and cons. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of orthodontic treatments below. 

Metal Braces

Think of metal braces as the most traditional and standard form of treatment. They’re reputable for their durability, reliability, and affordability. Metal braces are most successful in treating orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth, gaps, and overcrowding.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic (or “clear”) braces work similarly to metal braces. Their biggest advantage over their metallic variants? Transparency. Many of Dr. Kavanaugh’s patients prefer them because they blend right in with your teeth. They use many of the same parts as metal braces. But the most prominent difference? Their brackets are made from translucent ceramic material.


Like ceramic braces, Invisalign is a less obvious orthodontic treatment option. We’ve found that it works well for both adults and teenagers. It consists of clear, removable aligners customized to your unique bite.

Considering Your Orthodontic Options

Deciding to straighten your teeth is a major move towards a dazzling smile and enhanced oral health. When considering your orthodontic options, weighing your needs, lifestyle, and the specific orthodontic issues you want to address is crucial. Each treatment, whether traditional braces, Invisalign, or ceramic braces, offers unique benefits and may be more suitable for specific conditions.

Traditional braces are highly effective for complex dental issues, while Invisalign offers a discreet and convenient option for those who prefer less visibility. Ceramic braces strike a balance, showing the effectiveness of traditional braces with a less noticeable appearance.

Am I Too Old For Braces?

Braces For Adults at Kavanaugh Orthodontics

Consulting with an orthodontist, like Dr. Kurt Kavanaugh, is the best way to understand which treatment aligns with your needs. You’ll learn about the braces available during a consultation with our Kurt Kavanaugh Orthodontics team. Schedule a free consultation at our Kansas City or Sedalia office here.